Author Topic: SOLDAT 1.6.7 RELEASED!  (Read 25117 times)

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- Modified removed ASE Protocol support as it is dead since 2008

If you really need backwards compatibility you can use this little script: It is basically a wrapper that runs ./soldatserver and a dummy "ASE" server that responds to queries based on gamestat.txt and soldat.ini. Feel free to use, or report issues on GH. Enjoy.

I like this.

I think you should make it an option to start the udp ase daemon without having it also start and be a wrapper around soldatserver. I.E. start the python daemon after soldatserver is already running.

Also, just commentary: who in their right mind decided that ASE should be udp instead of tcp?

Most of games use UDP for game querying. Nothing special here.

Thanks for your response - I will add support for features you mentioned. Do you mind leave your thought on GitHub?

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