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Okay Soldat Forums, it's been almost THREE days since your last post. This is extremely unnerving. What was once a lively thriving community is almost past dead. This forum is in danger of being archived and merged into some unified THD grand forum. I don't want that to happen. Seeing the amount of decay this forum has gone into honestly brings a tear to my eye as I've been coming here daily over the past 10 years.

Here are the rules for this thread:

1) If there are no posts elsewhere in the forum for over 1 day, post *anything* here.
2) Anything constitutes stuff that is not banned in the rules.
3) Go!

Indeed, I've been watching this cancer-like stagnation for the past few months myself and I dont see a lot of ways to get out of this damned state. It is truly unnerving what has become of this place. We can try and bump activity a little bit. I WOULD PREFER NOT TO SEE IT ARCHIVED so wake the fuck up!

What about a shoutbox?

A shoutbox would do OK indeed. F12

Also we should really get some more veterans bumpin' on here.

i check this place few times a day, so I'll make sure to post some bs if it goes too silent

Agreed. It is quite unnerving.


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