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In need of a detailed modding tutorial
« on: June 29, 2014, 11:45:30 am »
I would like to go on modding but I am finding hardship to my goals.

There are many files I wonder what they are and I would like to have a complete mod.

Also I would like to know what THOSE are and how they work.
-> .db / .bat / .po   Those are often found in mods

My main doubts concern the following

All the anims files (would be nice to have a gif for each) I just downloaded a POA editor maybe I will know more about them then

Can we give bots registered flame colours?

What are those  / when do they display : interface-gfx -> scroll
                                                                          -> title l / title r

                                                        objects-gfx    -> torch

Gostek-gfx is totally clear thanks to a the help text (such a text should be found in every folder)

All the objets files those .po / what are they / how to modify them

When are the sounds played / many are unclear like dist gun 1/2/3/4/5 or arg and many others / are they specific to one gun or are they just randomly played
Only those gunname fire/reload and a few others are totally clear about when they are played
Just notifying about when they are played is enough

The sparks-gfx folder has many unclear files like 40 mm luska line...
Explosion/flames/spanwpark/rain/snow/sand/lilblood/blood/cygaro/jetfre/plomyk/ and maybe two others are clear but the rest needs notifying

The text folder has many unclear files like /alternative/weaponsname alternative/weaponsname.defaut
It is more about why those are there, their use

Weapons-gfx fire1/fire 2/40mm and smudge canĀ“t find what they are even after having changed them into big black squares

What are the module.DLL and the other DLLs

What is AntiSpy_Chat=0 in soldat.ini

How can we make alpha and bravo team wear a yellow and pink shirt instead of the default red and blue

How to test a font file from a mod /Do we have to place it into the soldat folder and change something from soldat.ini

But of course detailed notes and images of every single modable files and options should be inplemented and found in their proper folder

Hope I may find help from you, it takes days to test mods and make a mod of your own

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Re: In need of a detailed modding tutorial
« Reply #1 on: June 30, 2014, 04:53:25 pm »
1. Moding in Soldat is about changing visuals. So working files are .png .bmp
2. Anims files (like flames) working like gif but in folder of this is: flame1, flame2 etc. numbers denote the order of displaying frames
3. I dont know about flame colours of bors.
4. Explosion its visual of exloding nade, law
flames its this what its after explosion
/rain/snow/sand/ weather
lilblood its blood u can see it when u low hp
blood its normal blood when u taking hits
cygaro cigar
jetfire its smoke from jet
plomyk its 'piece' what departs which explosion
/alternative/weaponsname alternative/weaponsname.defaut its just another names of weapons.
fire1 fire2 its i think default fire from gun
5. To change font in soldat you need have instaled font in OS and put name of font in txt/font

I could put here pics but i wanted to do it fast