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hello, sipar here

i got hit by awesomness of games in html5/js, so i started writing PMS file (Soldat map) viewer for modern browsers, but since my primary fetish is design and not programming i decided to stop and try to share and outsource my idea here

i went through popular today's frameworks (list here and is best fitting, so here is app. structure/development road:

- Load map and resources, parse it with awesome JParser (
- Draw it with Phaser framework / Basic Html canvas functions
- Integrate to
- Add some funky objects using P2 physics ( ;
- Release Html5 Soldat as flagship 2d browser multiplayer game.
- Enjoy and see new fresh Soldat community growing


Do you have anything to show us yet?

--- Quote from: Sipar on July 01, 2014, 09:10:15 am ---- Integrate to

--- End quote ---

I should probably give it some sort of API for searching/downloading maps.

No, i got stuck because of some technical things. exactly:

;; javascript (by default) isnt allowing me to upload/work with files which is each in different folder. like map itself is in Map folder, sceneries are in Scenery-gfx folder and textures in Textures folder.

;; drawing triangle gradient polygons fast. html canvas isnt supporting this by default, homever, i resolved this on paper. create six polygons on one place, where every polygon has gradient casted from one vertex colour to transparent colour pointing to neighbour vertexes

;; making polygons have transparent texture gradient. can be done with little math, html5 canvas allows direct manipulation with texture pixels (setting them rgba value)

btw, performance and speed of html canvas: i saw some performance tests and browser can handle shitload of objects even on older pcs

add the whole folder to the server dir
maybe nodejs could help here or some upload script

don't get stuck in details make it draw stuff slow first (at least we see something)
optimization cache the drawn parts in a canvas element (maybe in multiple layers)

Just put some code out there (github/bitbucket/sourceforge/etc what works best for you) and let people help you.

Make sure you point out what the tool should do and what not ;)
Create some mockups so people have an idea what it will look like (google maps like controls or something like that)

Hope that helps a bit :)

Thanks brothers. Im excited. At the right time, ill post more.


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