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First details were released about the game which was actually called "Trenchwars" earlier but it seems it has been renamed to "Trench Run" now.

Looks promising to me but the visuals are horrible in my opinion.

--- Quote ---We consider this a short project. It should be done in 2-3 months. After we’re done with a beta testing phase it should be available, as a stand-alone, on our website and Steam.
--- End quote ---
for more details

Looks like Contra

I was working on the development of this game as well but my laptop went down at the beginning of the summer...and now I'm back again to support. Meh. It was really fun while it lasted.

I have no idea why MM isn't capable of giving his games unique titles.. No one is going to play a game which he cant even find on google..

Trench Run was released on STEAM yesterday.

Here's a gameplay video


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