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Free banner exchange 1:1


its still in its beta stages and needs beta testers. so if you wanna try it out and gather more trafic to your site sign up :)


    * 1:1 Banner impression ratio
    * Banners are uploadable
    * Max banner filesize is 60000 bytes
    * Max banner size is 60x468

Email all bugs to

i dont understand wat this is :???

i'll try to explaine this the best i can.

you ever notice web pages with random banner ads?
many services require you to pay to place your banner on there site. this server on the other hand is free. simple upload your banner and put the display code on your page. everytime a banner is displayed on your page, your banner will be displayed on someone elses page.

oooooo almost like what EnEsCe started only he dealed with money.... I see.....


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