Author Topic: Devlog update (2014-09-30) SC3, Website, Soldat 1.7 library work, movement fixes  (Read 1378 times)

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Hello! Another late devlog but better late than never, right? ;)

So what did we actually do this week?

- Wrote a wrapper for some Soldat 1.7 related library so we can actually use that library in Soldat
- replaced screenshots of the site (click here if you want to help us with screenshots)
- updated the build scripts  for the first 1.6.8 beta

- reviewed some of ExHunters code changes (movement related) and approved it.
- tried to tweak some network stuff related minigun, made flowcharts and stuff (work in progress). But this will most likely not get into 1.6.8

- did hopefully the last tweak to movement to fix it now.
- Added SC3 function TActiveMapBullet.GetOwnerWeaponId: Integer
- Added SC3 property TActiveMapBullet.VelX (read only - Single)
- Added SC3 property TActiveMapBullet.VelY (read only - Single)
- Added SC3 function TMapsList.GetMapIdByName(Name: string): Integer
- Modified SC3 type TOnDamageEvent declaration to function(Shooter, Victim: TActivePlayer; Damage: Integer; Bullet: TActiveMapBullet): Integer
- Modified SC3 type TOnKillEvent declaration to procedure(Killer, Victim: TActivePlayer; Bullet: TActiveMapBullet)
- Modified SC3 type TOnRequestEvent declaration to function (Ip, Hw: string; Port: Word;  State: Byte; Forwarded: Boolean; Password: string): Integer
- Modified SC3 property TMapsList.CurrentMapId from read only to read write

Besides that check out the Soldat 1.6.8b1 thread!
Have fun testing and till next week!
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nice I guess!

Keep going!