What do you say for clans support coming from game mechanics?

Damn yes!
Oh, no, no, no, no...
Hmm, interesting, but I'd change some ideas.

Author Topic: Clan tags and clan system?  (Read 2691 times)

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Re: Clan tags and clan system?
« Reply #20 on: November 14, 2014, 12:24:43 pm »
@% The ban has nothing to do with the topic.
No, it did have to do with the topic. Adam was attempting to emphasize, albeit immaturely, darDar's disagreement of Shoozza's opinion that a clan tag/clan system wasn't currently needed.

To be fair, I too think that OP's idea shouldn't be a priority now. I feel like each server can already track all the in-game stats OP's referring to and write scripts which log player names/HWIDs and their associated stats (as some already do) and could simply expand that with clan tag filters to log the stats of a clan.

Sure some fakes might try putting a clan tag in their names to a clan they're not a member of but, to offset that, clans could simply post a list of their members on the forums or something, and server hosts can then periodically scrape the data and only log clan tags that match to player names that are listed under the corresponding clan.

This is all stuff that could be done right now, without development of the game, itself.

Sure, later, we can think about expanding it into a database which links players and clans together, along with their respective in-game statistics, giving each player and clan the freedom to choose what specific stats they want to show, etc. Again, I don't think this is a priority right now. Plus, I'd rather not waste my bandwidth constantly downloading and updating stats that I don't care about; so, if this were to be pursued, it, itself, would need to be toggleable, as well as having toggleable update settings (manual/automatic), which show how much data each update would take; basically, like anti-virus software when updating virus definition files.

This post had more to it but it was, essentially, a different idea, so I made a new post for that stuff.
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Re: Clan tags and clan system?
« Reply #21 on: November 14, 2014, 01:00:18 pm »
Somehow I agree with other users. I'm not whining, but as some other players, I play this game since early versions. I can count at least 9 years with Soldat for sure.
I work as game developer and I'm a player - so, as others, I know, what are trends and new features in current games.

As darDar said - Soldat is very old and needs some refreshing, but personally I think that it isn't most important. I think that this game really needs some bold changes and additions in game mechanics. Not only trend-following changes in gui layouts. It needs something big like my idea about clans (I don't mean that it's the one and only way, it's just my suggestion, but similar ideas should be welcome too).

Soldat has one HUGE virtue - it is simple, you just click and play. And you can stop it in every moment. Not like for e.g. MMOs, where you must be in game on time not to miss some events. It is... somehow casual, but it is advantage of our favourite game, isn't it?
However, it is also flaw and cause of decreasing number of active players - it doesn't glue player to monitor. When you feel tired you say "ok, enough" and quit the game. There's no things of type "ok, I'm tired, but I'll..." - I don't know... - "...but I'll kick to X value in stats and yet then I'll quit the game".

Soldat should be game, where you got your amount of fun with firing awesome guns, where you got something interesing to do, some achievements, competitions, community integration events, but all these things shouldn't eliminate this virtue of ability of playing this game as a casual player, who start the match, kill some other players, commit suicide and quit the game, because he can.

Devs, think about it! In my humble opinion you should fix big bugs, leave the minor ones for a while and make more courageous steps in improvments of gameplay.

Consider this option. Players need this.
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