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The sign ups for the 5th edition of Soldat Capture The Flag Cup are now open! Please refer to the sign up guide for information regarding how to sign up your clan before signing up on the respective forum.

As mention status update that was announced earlier today, we will be handing out more detailed information once the amount of participants is known. We would like to highly encourage all interested to sign up ASAP. It is crucial to know whether we will get closer to 16 or 32 clans to play as early on as possible. Even if you are unsure whether your clan can play at all, we still welcome you to sign up.

Regarding the eventual randomization, we have already discussed a system that would give a slight benefit to SCTFL 25 finalist clans. Although we don't have final output on this matter either, there will be a system that will prevent the seeding of the few top clans against one another very early on.

SCTFC 5 sign ups close on Monday, December 8th at 12:00, gmt+0. The randomization and start of the season will happen on the evening of the same day, later to be specified.

On a more unwelcome note, we are saddened to see the retirement of Zearth. After years and years of service to our community, it has become his turn to pass responsibility to others. Having stood as the longest-running admin for a long time now, let us all raise our appreciation toward the man who has given so much to us all. Thank you.

Other than that, we wish you all a merry await for Christmas and hope the Soldat community can rise from the ashes to do battle once more!

Preliminary ban list:

Attempts at trying to smuggle these people into your clans will be met with punishments reflecting to all other activities in the community including SCTFL. Always ask us if you are unsure about a person's identity.
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here we go again :) lets do it!
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