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Hello there!
Recently the idea of re-create #Soldat-Radio came up, and so we did! (Read more)

I thought of maybe adding a player to the main community soldat webs existing (Soldat Forums, SCTFL & LRS).
I wanted to ask for your opinion, and possible co-operation in this matter to make the radio enjoyable to more people.



F12 (y)

We don't manage SCTFL and LRS so you'll need to talk to those people. Additionally, this board is intended just for discussion of these forums.

This is not going to get added to these forums because:

1. It will be distracting
2. It will make pages load longer
3. No one will use it / click on it.

This harkens back to the days of myspace where every page you load has a really slow and annoying sound clip that gets in your way and plays.

Expected. These forums are so conservative. :)

1. The forums are quite dead as it is, it would do a little face-lift to it, maybe. And actually something communal that people from here and other communities might participate in.
2. It won't play by default, only by pressing play. Can't believe it would add that much time to the loading time.
3. Buzzkill.


--- Quote from: nosejj on January 30, 2015, 07:42:54 pm ---Expected. These forums are so conservative. :)

--- End quote ---

It's a matter of self control and not being obnoxious.


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