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1.6.8 WM Balance (Normal Mode)

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After quite a while playing 1.6.8, I think it's about time we put the cards on the table.
In my eyes, normal-mode's WM is almost perfect and the best that's been in years, on this version.

However, there are two tiny things that are bothering me about this WM: Ruger-77 & XM214 Minigun.

I think that Ruger-77 can probably be classified the game's coolest weapon to play (don't kill me for saying that), and is liked among many players.
However, in the last version, it took a rather drastic turn with movement accuracy, and became rather a defensive weapon. Forcing you to be more still in order to hit.
I see used it less and less in the competitive scene, and I also see some really good Ruger users sucking nowadays with it, maybe movement accuracy is too harsh on it.
Additionally, it's flag-pushing abilities should be more equal to the other weapons'.

Now, about XM214 Minigun, I know that Skoskav wanted all the weapons in the game to be viable and used.
But this weapon has become more than viable with it's current WM parameters, it is rather overpowered. I believe most of the people of the competitive scene will agree.

The changes I suggest in detail:
// Ruger -1 moveacc, +10 push
//Minigun -4 dmg, +10 spread

New parameters in weapons.ini:
[Ruger 77]

[XM214 Minigun]

PS: if by any chance a similar thread exists (which I failed to find in search), please move this message to it.

and steyr +2 dmg +5 bullets pls

As a Steyr-AUG user, I really don't think so... This is the game's most used weapon for a few versions now in competitive.
It is strong enough, just like the other spray guns, touching it would just get it out of balance again.

Ruger is definitely underutilized this version among competitive -normalmode CTF- players. I personally don't mind the accuracy-related handling of the weapon; the damage output is what bothers me and what usually convinces me to put away the weapon during a match. It needs a more consistent 2-hit kill to compensate for the risk of playing with the weapon ("unreliable", difficult spray, can't boost flags, etc)

@ Minigun... no comment.

Minigun can just ruin games at the moment... it is disabled on pretty much all public servers, I think this confirms the need for it to change.


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