Author Topic: CS:GO Sound FX Pack (Partial)  (Read 6393 times)

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CS:GO Sound FX Pack (Partial)
« on: February 09, 2015, 06:40:55 am »

I started using sounds from CS:GO for Soldat, I picked some of their sounds including:
I didn't not use ALL of the sounds from CS:GO, so it is only partial. Maybe I will make one with all sounds if there'll be a high-demand.

• Weapons Fire: Deagles, AK, Steyr, Spas, Ruger, Barrett, USSOCOM.
• Barrett scope sound.
• Ricochet and miss bullet sounds.
• Nade bounce and Explosions.
• Death and hit sounds.
• Headshot sounds.
• Time left 'beep'.
• Spawning sound.
• Footsteps.

And the rest are from my original modpack. It's pretty epic give it a try!
(Back-up your /sfx/ folder, just in case you might not like it).

Enjoy! :)