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Memory lane
« on: February 20, 2015, 06:12:24 pm »
I accidently came across a folder named Soldat on an old laptop and it took me down memory lane.

I guess most players these days will not care much about my story and I have no clue if any of the 2002-2008 players are still visiting these forums but here goes.

I started playing Soldat when I was 15 and today I am 28 so it has been almost half a lifetime since the beginning.
I played from 2002 to 2008 and was only ever in one clan, my own clan, [SaD].
For five and a half years [SaD] was the oldest active clan in the community. We were never the number one clan but we were well respected and held our own in clan wars.
I do not know how the game is these days but back then it only seemed to get a bit worse with every update. Personally I will always prefer version 1.05b and the original CTF maps.

My story and the clans story are one and the same.

Storm and Destroy was originally created by FragBait and a bunch of his friends at a LAN party in the middle of May 2002. [SaD] appeared on the Internet June 2002. FragBait had played a few days when he joined forces with a player called The Psych, and they officially created [SaD] together. The Psych quit soldat after a few days, but FragBait had already then recruited a few loyal players. The first official match was a 5v5 TDM vs. Soldat Veterans which was lost. After very few TDM matches [SaD] began to play CTF only. On August 6 in 2005, [SaD] creates a North American section with Elemental as leader. On November 15 2005, the very successfull NA section splits up and dies. February 18 2008, the remaining original members of [SaD] decide to call it quits.

Players ever in [SaD] (In order of joining):
FragBait (DK), The Psych (UK), Master (aka Mourne) (ITA), Omena (FIN), ROB (NL), CMU (UK), Rixter (NOR), Onyros (POR), Gas0 (FIN), Scorpion (IL), koil (IL), Wo0t (IL), Zickell (NL), flab (UK), Dionea (UK), SuperKill (IL), Jaakarhu (FIN), ToWeL (aka Pope-Pope) (IL), Peter aka PetahPan (POL), Behcio (POL), derf (SWE), Kimera (UK), OutcasT (SLO), paradoX (FIN), Ymies (FIN), wood (NA), Kain-San (SLO), ManSlayer (IL), Orange (SWE), knot (UK), Daniel (UK), Urhos (FIN), Meandor (ITA), deejii (FIN), Remedy (SWE), Trolly (POL), rumpage (SWE), Pheel (POR), text_killer (HU), Elemental (NA), S4R (NA), Stryder (NA), Freeze (NA), eeneku (FIN), SpawacZ (POL), Blood Shaman (NA), Rakkety Tam (NA), Judge_Man (NA), EvilGold (NA), Klepto (NA), zyxstand (NA), Spike (NA), Primitive (FIN), Nelrem (POL), Rahaiz (FRA), Chaka (GER), Demonic (HU), Shadow (POL), zapman (GER), Untitled (UK), RedNinja (IL), esp (UK), Dicko (UK), Crooksy (UIK), Pero (SLO), Rhapsody (POL), virre (SWE), nosejj (IL), Jopez (FIN), Travis (HU) Senna (CZE), Ichiro (POL), Neji (POL)

Some of these were in the guild more than just once.

TNL3 (EU): Third place.
TNL3 (NA): First place.
[SaD] Tornament Season VI 2006: First place.

A list of all the recorded clan wars [SaD] ever played.

A few screenshots from TNL (The Next League) that I apparently saved.

That is all I got. Hopefully someone who remembers these days will see this and perhaps inspire other oldies to make a similar post.


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Re: Memory lane
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fuck off newfag

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Re: Memory lane
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<3 [SaD]