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Fan Apps Rules
« on: April 16, 2006, 09:12:51 am »
Firstly, welcome to the Soldat Fan Applications Forum. I hope that together, we can create some incredible 3rd-Party Programs to make Soldat even better. [If that actually is possible.]

1. Do not post cheats or registration cracks, you will be banned.

2. No program can be a modification of the original Soldat.exe, or copyrighted libraries of any kind. This is not a Soldat Reverse-Engineering Forum. We're dealing with 3rd Party Programs.

3. For any complicated applications, such as mod changers, ini editors and server scripts for websites, please include either a detailed description/tutorial on how to run the app, or write a manual to include in the download.

4. If you're posting in an app topic, please do not post saying "any updates soon?" or "hurry up and release it!!", or anything similar. These people are not being paid to make these programs, and so being selfish and pestering them about releasing a new version/beta/whatever isn't fair. Besides, posts like this clog the topics up to no end.

Some nice guidelines:
- Give a description of your program and its exact application to Soldat.
- Sources are always welcome, but by no means manditory.
- Please include a changelog with every subsequent release.

Every author wants to create the best 3rd Party Program, I imagine, so please do post suggestions and bugs. Constructive criticism only please.

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