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[New Default Graphics] - Soldat Evolved v2.5

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--- Quote from: Furai on February 08, 2016, 07:36:26 am ---Dunno where to write it. Monsteri didn't seem to create his own thread for the HD remakes.
Anyway, bow seems to have been left out in the HD remakes. Could you add it before the 1.7.1?

--- End quote ---
We're also missing flamer and stationary turret graphics, but that's up to Monsteri since he did the rest of the weapons. I can try remaking them myself if he doesn't do it in time for 1.7.1, I'm only concerned that the art style might be inconsistent.

I'll try not to overwrite them this time.

I love this, I hope this is the version or something similar they choose to go with on the steam version, the weapons and everything just looks so much nicer

Instructions to install would be great to add but I did what the one its based off said, put it in soldat/mods as in an "evolved" folder and put the interface and weapons folders there

Then put on the shortcut of the game for the target "C:\Soldat\soldat.exe -mod evolved" which worked but.... the mod looks odd

(and also but i wont make that a big image)

The weapons are hella blurry and seems odd. I'm confused. They look worse in game then the image justifies.


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