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--- Quote from: L[0ne]R on October 29, 2015, 04:48:42 pm ---Serrated parts are often located on the back of the blade though.

Here's just a few of the many examples:
--- End quote ---
Yeah, but those are when they run almost the entire length of the back of the blade, at least until the angle to the tip of the blade. When it's just a small part, like in the knife in the left column, it's usually at the base of the front of the blade.


The changes I propose:
1) Curve the tip of the front of the blade, instead of it being a sharp angle as the red ellipse indicates. The sharpness of the angle gives it a little bit of a machete look.
2) Make the tip of the back of the blade, as indicated by the blue ellipse, angle slightly downwards, as in the images you linked.
3) Either make the serration go to the newly-made angle on the back of the blade from 2) or make it shorter and put it at the front of the blade.

I'll have to make that for one of the future versions then, as it's a bit late to make changes for 1.6.9. :S I'll definitely give it a shot though. Thanks for feedback.

Soldat Evolved v2.5

For some inexplicable reason, the new graphics for bow and flamer weren't included in a few previous versions. I'm including them now, as well as shell graphics, though they're barely any different from classic.

=========== WEAPONS

- added Rambo Bow graphics.
- added Flamer graphics.
- added shell graphics.

Dunno where to write it. Monsteri didn't seem to create his own thread for the HD remakes.
Anyway, bow seems to have been left out in the HD remakes. Could you add it before the 1.7.1?


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