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New Weapons!
« on: November 20, 2015, 09:21:56 am »
Hi guys! Could you please add bow and crossbow to Primary Weapon (list) PLEASE?! for Soldat 1.7.0  ???

Rambo match is dead so you can't really enjoy the bow anymore so adding these weapons to primary weapons list would be a good idea.

I have just tested weapons (with stats given below) and me as a OneShot server player I can tell, well I deeply believe, that these weapons are really balanced out for OneShot server and servers with all weapons.

I also added map for testing. Get the bow and use explosive arrow to get out of the square. Add Bougie Man as your target dummy.

post images

Bow vs Barret:


- has high damage(2000) but small speed(200) which makes sense when you shoot with bow because arrow doesn't go in a straight line like from Barret. One shot from bow is deadly (kill/death) only up to 40m (Headshot) if it's torso it has to be 2 shots.
Barret has really long range (also zoom as well) and can do double (might be even triple kill if u get lucky) from one shot! Also barret shot can bounce off from polys (helpful if you want to shoot from angle)

- longer reload (Bow 200) Barret 70.

- Bink is a bit bigger 70(Barret 65) makes sense to me


+ Faster interval (Bow 100) Barret 225

+ more ammunition (Bow 30) Barret 10

+ Smaller StartUpTime (Bow 10) Barret 19

Crossbow vs Barret:

Crossbow is not OneShot from over 50m


- Fireinterval is a bit bigger (Crossbow 250) Barret 225

- Ammo is smaller (Crossbow 6) Barret 10

- Smaller speed/range (Crossbow 310 ) Barret 550


+ faster reload (Crossbow 40) Barret 70

+ StartUpTime is smaller (Crossbow 0) Barret 19

+ Bigger push (Crossbow 60) Barret 45

PS Get some cool sounds for both Bow and XBow  ;D

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Re: New Weapons!
« Reply #1 on: November 20, 2015, 01:23:04 pm »
Sure, why not.


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Re: New Weapons!
« Reply #2 on: November 20, 2015, 04:25:36 pm »
Maybe baseball bat, fighting as fisting but slower and powerful.
Is there anybody can write script?
Good, go and play soldat ^^