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Hi. I suggest to add to soldat forum a like system. If you like someone's post/idea you can like it or dislike it, and everyone should be able to see who liked it or disliked it. That would be very useful since we can't or we shouldn't reply with simple "cool" "ns" etc. because that's consider as spam.

PS not to make it like on facebook or youtube we can do F12 or F11  ;D

If we need to vote on something, we have polls for the matter. And since there's but a few people remaining who use this forum, such a system is pretty redundant. :P

Well, the idea of creating a like or a thumbs up button on posts to show appreciation to a particular post is not necessary indeed but still not a bad addition. This could be a simple way for forum users to rate the posts and threads of the community. Each post should have a green "Thumbs up" or a red "Thumbs down" option. Content-less or objectionable posts that have been thumbed down by the community should be hidden from view to give more visibility to useful posts. This could also help to judge the whole "hero of the week" or the like subjects, or this could also help selecting usefull maps etc. The only reservation I may have is that it may become a case where posts accumulate more "Likes" instead of actual posts and then run the risk of the conversation running dry perhaps. However, i believe that the modifications are unlikely to have an appreciable adverse effect. I think that not only people will still be posting, it will encourage more posts if you see that people agree by liking a post. Sometimes people want to show their agreement but don't have anything to add (or they just don't find the right words) and which will give them a way to do so and preventing lots of posts without actual information/constructive thoughts. So, I don't think it would degenerate threads into mere "like"-collections.

On the other hand, i also agree with DarkCrusade that its a bit reduntant considering the current activity. Community is pretty rotten nowadays. However, thumbs up button helps a lot of forumers to see if the post is valid, considering some users seldom post in forums. They just read posts. Most people just don't want to use the forums. This could help in the integration of users. Also i believe that it should reveal the names of everyone who put a thumb on a post, like Drax mentioned. That's the only way I could see this idea being fair, since it would be pretty obvious if people are thanking others because they are friends rather than the post actually meriting thanks, or using duplicate accounts to fraudulently increase a post's rating. As for a thumb's down/dislike feature, I think it would have to not be anonymous for the same reasons as above. On the other hand, it tends to cause suspicion and anger. "You gave that guy like but you didn't give any to me?!" etc. This could also cause so many unnecessary conflicts and pointless finger-pointing. Some people will take this system seriously and that can only spawn trouble. So in the end, it is a matter of debate i guess. Hence it is entirely reasonable to take a look at, and think about, whether we are able to make it happen here. Then again i'm not sure if anyone's interested in the additional work for something that is not necessary and might as well be redundant.

^ Yeah, bots do love this forum.

Thumbs up for me please!


--- Quote from: Drax on November 22, 2015, 09:19:27 am ---
so where does the hundreds and thousands of views per topic come from? few people?? ::) come on DarkCrusader u know I am right...  >:(

--- End quote ---

Older topics always have more views, most of new ones have 300-1000 depend on topic
And remember that most of views are made by guests, and most of people check topic few times per day. So for example one user can actually make 10-20 views per day...

Also I think that some people, like me, dont login to forum if they dont need to. I dont see the reason to login every time. So just because there are no users on forum some people are still here just as a guests.

As you can see if there is new post or some big post about eg new version you see more people online than normal.

And to be on topic. Idea of like post is good, as far as its like on XDA or other forums that you see who like it.
But there is no real reason for that, no actual "usefulness" its just a fancy addon.


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