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SVL Concludes
« on: November 18, 2015, 04:25:38 pm »
What a thrilling night and such an honour to get to watch it live. With all of the matches now played, SVL1 has officially come to an end! This season trialled a number of highly experimental rules, but it was a necessity in order to see what's working and what's not and therefore to make our league work better. The season results are as follows:

1. Pride 52 wins, 11 loses, 5 ties. 76% wins
2. Petterkowski 58 wins, 1 lose, 0 ties. 98% wins
3. Wyngiel 15 wins, 7 loses, 0 ties. 68% wins

Full results can be found here. The season was lovely and very active with 64 players signing up and 222 matches being played just in two weeks. The competition was really tough. Each participant put in one hell of a fight. Topping the table at the end of season was Pride with 177 points from 68 matches!

I'd like to extend my congratulations to Pride on winning his title in the last minutes of the season! It was the fierce battle and there was no way of knowing who's going to be the winner until the very end. Thank you for this, Pride. I'd also like to congratulate Petterkowski and Wyngiel on their second and third place finishes. Your new forum badges will be updated soon!

Thanks to everyone who participated in this league to keep it successful and running long! Also cheers to zakath, Furai and toyux for sponsoring us with servers.

Overall it proved to be a very successful season, and we all anticipate continued success for season 2, which should begin in the coming weeks. Meanwhile, during this break time please post your suggestions ALONG with logical backing for those suggestions in the SVL Discussion thread related to rules you think should be added, removed, or changed for the SVL2 season. I will consider all suggestions and take the ones which make sense and can actually improve the league. There're many new things planned to be implemented so i'd also like to see your point of view on certain things. Keep checking back to these forums for updates and other useful information, and don't forget to tell your soldat friends about the league!:]. At the end, the winners decided to say few words:

<Pride> It was cool playing 1v1 matches again, I remember this mode was always my favorite since Polish soldat league, I hope that more people will be interested in next season and someday Soldat will return to its glory because it has always been and will be for me cool fun to play this game :D. I would like to thx Petter for hes involvement to make this season and of course for being a great rival in the fight for first place. I will back in next season :D. CYA

<wyngiel> I look forward to the new season and hoping to see a playoff stage!

<Petter> It was a fierce battle until the very end. These were unforgettable moments like many years ago. Thank you all for this great season! After the last day I had to go hunting to distress myself. it went pretty good because i shot a roe deer in the leg. After that i caught few fishes alive in the lake that flows near my house and it was all good again. We see each other in the season2. Cheers!

//Original post by Petterkowski can be found here.
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Re: SVL Concludes
« Reply #1 on: November 18, 2015, 05:55:36 pm »
98% win rate in 59 matches (i.e. 58 wins) is second place to 80% win rate in 68 matches (count ties as 0.5 each, i.e. 54.5 wins)?

rofl nice scoring.

If anything, it should be something like: Win rate x Matches played, with a minimum of 8-10 matches = Final score.

If not that, then: Win rate x Total points = Final score, but that's worse because it rewards people for the amount of games they play and not their actual level of skill.

Anyways, good job, gents.

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Re: SVL Concludes
« Reply #2 on: November 18, 2015, 08:50:42 pm »
Yeah, the purpose of the first season was indeed to reward players for being active. It was an absolute necessity in order to sow the interest amongst participants and to check variety of different rules.

On this occasion i would like to mention that Soldat 1v1 League Season2 brings changes and is right around the corner. The rules are aimed at being fair to every player while preventing any possible problems/conflicts. Sign ups are planned to be opened next tuesday, which is in six days. Meanwhile during this break time, i suggest all players to carefully read and understand the rule changes for this season because there are NEW really important rules which you have to be absolutely aware of. New league format, freeplay/playoffs rules, additional rules, new maps and so forth. If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions on these rules, please post them in the SVL Discussion thread. Now it's time for this. The date for the official start of the season is Tuesday December 1st at Midnight (00:00) CET. I am looking forward to another successful SVL season. Good luck to all players. Cheers :]

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