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Problems with in-game display of interface


Hey guys!

As promised, I am trying to revise the "Micro" interface. Doing so, I have faced a weird alignment issue, though: Some elements seem to be scaled weirdly in-game. See yourself...

That's how it looks in SyavX' IntMkr2:

-> everything fits perfectly

And that's how it looks in-game (zoomed in so you can see what I talk about):

-> The bars are misplaced and some lines don't seem to look right either, e.g. the upper and left edge of the fire icon are smaller than the lower and right edge - you can also see clearly when comparing the font on both pics.

I have activated "Scale interface" option in both IntMkr2 and Soldat itself. Do you think it's due to that? If so, I don't get why I haven't experienced a similar issue with my "Simplex" interface.

Do you have any hints on how to avoid that?

For the case that helps, I have attached the interface I am talking about.

Thanks a lot in advance.

If you want a "pixel perfect" interface you have to design it specifically for the resolution you use. And some things will still not be 100% perfect (that is due to the source coordinates being integers in the 640x480 range).

A screenshot using 3840x2160 looks good enough (4.5 scale is for 2160p):

If you pay attention there's still a small glitch in the borders of some things, like the inner bars.

Okay, thank you.

How come this interface looks so much worse than the Simplex on my screen then (see the screenshot in the Simplex thread comparatively)? Both have a scale of 4.5.

Result will probably vary depending the width and position of the borders. If you reduce/increase the width/height of the bars you have here, the bottom/right borders will probably shrink like the one in the top.

I see a similar issue in the screenshots from Simplex btw, it's just less visible.


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