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Lofi Soldat


Im really excited to present you


* Completely new trashy lofi gfx, dont expect any shades.
* Sound by sound reworked game sfx.
* Gore, Bloody Soil and Necromancide glitched. Listen to modified horribly lofi soundtrack.
* Fresh and joyful Soldat experience.
* Pixels


Download: (or forums attachment link below)

Copy and overwrite files in your Soldat 1.7b2 folder. Installation is irreversible, i recommend backuping your files or creating new installation and place it over there.

Credits: Retro sfx collections from Woolyss
Thanks and enjoy.

Dude, that's brilliant! I won't be suitable for serious gaming ofc, but it's totally fun to play with that.
I especially love the sounds! You are very talented.

Thanks for your work :>

Looks like fun. Why to follow HD-ish stuff when we can get as oldschool as possible :D.
Nice to see you active again, you always come up with amazing stuff.
Good job!

Wow, it's fantastic  ;D also loved the sounds. I have just lol'd after the ammo of minigun had ended :D

Nice mod!


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