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The Adventures of Soldat
« on: April 15, 2006, 08:11:55 pm »
This content was originally posted by Liquidis X Snake

The story behind my comics is that it started off sort of as a joke in response to M's terrible comics. It got positive feedback, so I went on to make more. It came to be quite possibly the biggest comic series in Soldat, and came close to becoming official. Along the way, I decided to take a story-driven approach, which I refer to as a sidestory (ironic, no?). I discontinued the storyline because what I wanted to do was too ambitious for my talents back then, and I went back to the original, more comedy approached comics.

These were all drawn in MSPaint using a mouse (you heard that right). I have since moved to Photoshop for my artwork, but if I ever do comics again, I'll go back to MSPaint.

Now rehosted, Wormdundee hosted these a while back and I found the website again. Thanks, bro.

If you get the "You are not authorized to view this page" error, try refreshing.

The Original TAOS

Episode 1: Forum "M"onsters
Episode 2: Those Damned Polygons
Episode 3: You Spawn, Respawn
Episode 4: That's Gotta Hurt
Episode 5: Into The Redzone
Episode 6: Copycat
Episode 7: Superhero Part 1
Episode 8: Superhero Part 2
Episode 9: How About Some "Real" Modes
Episode 10: Sucks To Be You
Episode 11: Pissed Off
Episode 12: Blind Luck <--Newest Comic

The New Adventures of Soldat (Story-driven but discontinued)

Episode 1: The Beginning
Episode 2: Acts of War
Episode 3: Gone
Episode 4: Old Friends

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