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Re: Flag throw animation
« Reply #20 on: January 18, 2016, 09:00:52 am »
Well... weapons reload, you can see the bullets, recoil and most of the needed animations. You can even see an animation when you're throwing weapon away, ofc there's a delay. Throwing nades got its own animation and an actual system, you can throw harder or just tap the button to release the nade right in front of you.
And then BANG! Flag is making it's way through the air out of nowhere. It just leaves your hand without any sign of force or at least I can't see where did it get the energy from.

So that's indeed a fact but I don't tend to have those realistic thoughts. Changing fast-paced techniques, making game overconstistent might actually break it's spirit and soldat would loose it's charm :D.
It's a good though but I'd love to see the versatility and diversity of throw if devs are ever gonna rewrite it. Like you could throw in rolls and maybe decide how hard to throw. Would be nice if throwing was an actual skill. I think it got much easier when all the bugs were fixed and the flag is heading the intended direction. I just loved powerthrow :D. But that's me, I love such gameplay expanding "bugs".

To sum it up: Leave it as it is or make a more complex feature out of it.