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A few big changes were made in the last few days.

We got a new host which will now make sure that #Gather.EU has large resources to host high quality servers for and a wider support for other locations!

Big thanks to:

-> jrgp ( <-

for hosting servers in EU / NA and AUS and  for the incredible support and all the great help he did provide in the whole process of migrating to the new host. Even though I haven't ever been a heart-warming person towards him, he still didn't hesitate a second to help us.
Having him as a host will assure that #Gather.EU has a bright future and that we can keep this service online.

Also, big thanks to Furai who did liaise with Joe and also for him doing several things setting up machines, fixing codes, getting us a new domain and much more.
Both of them did now also join the admin team.

Adding back the Auth-System.

--- Quote ---What's the 'Auth-System'?
--- End quote ---
QuakeNet has a nick registration system, which is needed for different purposes. On Gather.EU it is now needed to use our services.

--- Quote ---Why did you add it back?
--- End quote ---
We decided to get rid off it to make it easier for new people to join and play but with growing activity, it'll be important to have a ban-system, which does not work without the players being authed.

Tutorial about how to get authed: here (this takes less than one minute and is pretty easy)

Gather Activity visualized.

Big thanks to SyavX who wrote a parser for our gather log! We can now visualize the gather activity into a neat diagram. I'll probably make a 'montly activity report'.

Future Goals:

- providing high quality servers for all kind of locations [done]
- re-introducing the ban-point system [done]
- re-introducing voiced gathers [done]
- events
- & more.

I'll soon make a post about how the newly introduced ban-system will work.

Just remove the auth system, it's more of an inconvenience.
It may have been a big help when there were like 250 players in the gather channels, but now there's like 50... Even then, the admins had to check the new auths with ip addresses to make sure nobody banevaded, the only thing the auths did was to give a clue as to when this player started playing again.

You'll probably not need to ban anyone, so it doesn't matter. There aren't any new players in the gather channel anyway, and this auth system might just prevent new players from joining.

Fun to see the whole soldat community in one place.
How many players are there now, 10?


--- Quote from: pavliko on February 14, 2016, 11:49:33 pm ---Fun to see the whole soldat community in one place.
How many players are there now, 10?

--- End quote ---

There are 60-90 users in the channel usually at the same time and we have ~ 140 active players. (Active = being active in the last 30 days and having played at least 15 rounds)

We're doing well  [fist]

What's unfortunate about the auth system is that new users won't be able to join the channel with simple webchat anymore. So it might in fact prevent new users from joining.
Do auths really provide a better way of banning people than we have now? As ginn said, they can still create new auths, and then you will have to rely on IPs just as you do know.


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