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Matchmaking Script
« on: April 19, 2016, 02:58:18 pm »
Hey, Maybe a idea. To create a script for matchmaking like. Some button in lobby, after click a Find Match Solo/Duo  or ;teams  ( 3vs3 all )

You're automatically redirecting to Soldat ladder servers / ( #soldat irc channel )with Opponents and teammates

Script starting to gather players on servers. > Script mixing/swaping players to correct teams [ by tags like im:// or <-   ]. > Match starts. bla bla. 3 Leagues maybe for upcoming ideas

2. Soldatladder statistic/ as a new button for statistics in-game

3. Sctfl button as in-game browser redirecting only to or as above /\ /

Yeah i know its probably too much but... Would be easier for everyone, also for new-pubs made clans.


Or just matchmakings with random players 3vs3 like soldatunion or wielka stopa ctf just in lobby.

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Re: Matchmaking Script
« Reply #1 on: April 19, 2016, 05:24:56 pm »
Running a clan is not a kindergarten so if someone can't organize oneself to find a server for clanwar without any helping scripts then I believe one shouldn't run a clan at all.

For the "just matchmaking": There would be a need for account system so players are accurately added to match. Those accounts would have to got some statistics. Soldat would have to run some servers for this and that's a continuous cost. Consider trolls so some banning/reporting system. That's a lot.

It's not that I say the idea is bad. It's been brought to SoldatForums many times. But currently the amount of people playing Soldat at all is very weak. Soldat has also more primary improvements requiring implementation, bugs etc. If this was ever to be implemented to Soldat then there would have to be some real demand for such feature. Currently, there is no real need as there are very few who would use such thing (veterans know how to use an IRC and it's a nice thing to repel noobs as they might feel discouraged that they have to do "so much" to play gather).