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Good job guys!

A few notes however:
• ctf_Steel has weird scenery glitches, just load it to see it.
• ctf_Dropdown - the collider addition to alpha base does not enhances boosting because some polygon is interrupting - DEMO. In bravo the boost is flawless.
• Ruger is still severely overpowered, I can not be more specific unfortunately, but even though fireinterval was increased, it didn't help all that much.

yeah, like nosejj said - the Ruger has become a click to kill weapon. It was already too strong in the previous version but not to that extreme point. It's absurd that you can hit players foot twice and kill him in a blink of an eye. The Ruger is not supposed to do this, otherwise it's much too overpowered, both from range and up close where it should justifiably be getting it's ass handed to it. Unfortunately, fire interval didn't change much too.

I know that Soldat is being dominated by spreys(this game's always been the autos era) but ruger isn't the proper counter simply because the autos themselves literally counter each other or spas with deagles do it too! Thats the purpose of this game and this balance should not be disturbed cause this can lead to irreversible consequences for both competitive and public plays. ruger should be considered as a barret's-like category with ruger being a barret-bis with no delay that does less damage, fires more bullets and doesn't require reload after each one of them, and excels at a range. Spreys have to be above these weapons in soldat's hierarchy and have to counter these two weapons because if not - ruger will rule every play and situations and simply replace the autos, which would be the worst scenario.

On this moment, you need only a ruger shot and a grenade to kill one player within a second, multiple by 2 and we arrive at triple kill with still one bullet left in the magazine and then you may waste your last bullet on a fourth guy and finish him with soccom, or whatever cause your mate that is near you will close the work for you. Not to mention that you can easily have 5 and more kills against the worst odds. yeah it's pretty extreme situation that's not gonna happen on a daily basis but its still definitely not an exaggeration. and now multiply that by 2 because in a competitive world you have your team-mates supporting you. doesn't this sound like a receipt for a massacre?

i already suggested to tweak the ruger to an ultimate 3 hit kill on this moment so it's a fair and conventional damage distribution system for each mode until hitbox registration code is re-worked and will allow us to split the ruger shots into head and torso/leg in a way it guarantees 2 and 3 hit kill depending on the body part. but there r many other options you can use. a reduction in speed + an increase in bink would work well maybe. there's also this idea of putting a slight delay there before you shoot a bullet. there's really like a whole soldat book with rational changes that you can use to not make this weapon overpowered.

I've updated first two mirrors with installers and zips with reverted map changes. Please redownload if you want those two maps fixed.
To speed up the process, I recommend downloading only the patch. It should work with full 1.7.1 installation correctly.
Also the servers require updating and also only the patch is required in this case.

Well i see no changes on wm it looks so shit.Good job everyone, good job little nazi.Im done with soldat, i wish good luck to develop! this shit.ggs

2 shot at the crotch with ruger from certain angle :: OOO HEADSHOT YEAHH!!11!  [retard]

Joke aside... It will be interesting to see how those guns that get the -5% dmg reduction thing applied (which I think is a bad idea and whoever think it's good should feel bad) plays out after the hitbox is fixed; currently it muddy the waters so much to see anything clearly.

PS. Although I do not agree with the reasons people said why ruger is OP right now, however it is, indeed, without any doubt, OP— I would cut the leg dmg back to 90% and see how it go from there; can't test it right now though with hitbox the way it is.


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