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I thought it was about time to get this started, please lets keep it constructive. I think we had a good thing going in 1.7 so for me we just needed some small tweaks, but I understand with the new hitbox code things will need to be adjusted. I feel there is only 3 guns that need changing but feel free to bring up any others.


I believe this is now the first gun in Soldat's history to have negative bink, movementacc & bulletspread. Hell its the first auto to have negative bink in a good 5 years. I do not see the point of 1 auto having negative bink, its a throwback to an era of slow Soldat gameplay that is far behind us & just gives it the underhand as it is now much harder to aim than the Steyr or Minimi. Why is anyone going to use it?

I would revert all these changes, if you want AK to be different make it shoot slower with higher damage/push.


The change back to a 2 shot kill feels really good but I think it is slightly overpowered, this may just be due to the hitbox code still being worked on but I would suggest a small amount of bink in the region of 7-10 or raising the movementacc slightly.


Well this gun was broken, I guess giving it a huge amount of movementacc is sort of a solution but it looks look pretty stupid when it shoots on screen. This little bit of push it lost really seems to make surfing go slow now though not really sure if this matters at all. Maybe a better solution would be to leave it as it was but just give it the super long startuptime it had in the past? I think it was 50.

Well folks what are your thoughts?

Apply bink to all weapons or no weapons.

Maybe apply it to all weapons in realistic mode and no weapons in regular mode, or maybe apply it to all weapons in all modes

The point is: all weapons or no weapons.

...  Stop giving out "solutions" when you can't even clearly say what the problem is, and have no idea, nor have enough fucks to actually find out (which isn't hard at all in this case) what, if any, is causing it.

Can't we like.. copy paste WM from 1.4.x or 1.5.x they where more ... approved versions.

WM from 1.4 will not play the same on this version. For example, the game has better hit registration than before, which means overall damage is higher in newer versions.


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