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ctf_CobraR (ctf_Cobra visual remake)

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What the title says. Same layout, no changes, just a visual ones. U can comment using "Reply" button on the right C:
Might make some tweaks in the future still. In-game/obj screenshots attached. U can compare with the default Cobra:

that is a nice remake, Viral. that cartoonish style took me by surprise. very good work, we should start the competitive tests on there

From what I've heard after quick pool, people don't really like the theme, so I don't know if it's event worth it. I think they would rather see something more similar to the old one. It was a test and i think it failed, maybe in the future I'll make sth like the Division remake that seemed to be what was epected by the rest of the community

I like it way more than the current Cobra. Nice to see different themes.
If I were to say anything bad it would perhaps be that when the sandbags are replaced with red squares it's not that obvious that they are coliders. It's also a bit flat and has some badly placed scenery

I thought the color would make it actually more obvious they are colliders, as they stand out more. About the other two issues - well, my bad i guess :d


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