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Old screens from 2003 [SV clan]

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Here is some of the screens I had. I put them up for download if anyone wants.
Shoutout to Enik and Donnie, best players to ever play the game.

Good times!

What a legend, Project X!

Nostalgia :) I recognized a few nicks here and there. Enik definitely was one of the greats, never had a chance to see Donnie Darko play unfortunately.

What was the last version of Soldat you really played to the max? Did you never feel the urge to get back into the game during the 2007-2010 era when SCTFL was really active?

Goes to show how little soldat has changed since then.

I started playing in 2004. Seriously fun shit. Once the Mac release comes out hopefully I'll get back into it.

In that year (i.e. 2003) I was still trapped in a Single Player. And that didn't change for really long time xD

Extra (perhaps funny, a bit offtop) story: At the very beginning as a kiddo I played Soldat with my cousin. He had keyboard and I had a mouse... And it actually worked :D


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