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CS:GO Mod for 1.7.1


Finally managed to finish my Counter-Strike Global Offensive mod that was on the backburner from a few months ago. Hope you all enjoy!

Soldat CS:GO Mod

v1.0 Changes:

* complete sound overhaul (original pre-update CS:GO sounds)
* complete weapons stat changes -> weapon damage, spread, and functionality are similar to that of CS:GO (so don't run-and-gun!)
* weapons interface change
* new soldier weapons skins
* new cursor (classic CS green cross)
* bots for T and CT teams (in respective colours)

* no modifications exist for the minigun and the chainsaw, so it is advised that they are disabled
* enable team colours so that your colour will match the T- and CT-side bots
* my apologies in advance for some of the pixelated weapons - I'm not a graphic designer by any means and ended up cropping and reducing images for some weapons and they look meh.

* Duel Berettas Panther
* MP7 Urban Hazard
* AK-47 Vulcan
* M4A4 Asiimov
* Nova Koi
* SSG 08 Blood in the Water
* Zeus
* AWP Dragon Lore
* Negev Loudmouth
* P250 Undertow
* M9 Bayonet Fade
* M8 Revolver Fade

Nice mod!! Good job  ;)


Perfect review...

xDDDD He tried

I feel like the Spas twelve is more the XM1014 then the Nova, otherwise good work!


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