Author Topic: Soldat is now 15 years old!  (Read 15164 times)

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Re: Soldat is now 15 years old!
« Reply #20 on: November 02, 2017, 03:17:31 am »
I check in on Soldat sporadically to see how it's doing, I'm glad to see that it still exist.

First played Soldat in 05, 06 I believe and was only really active for about 5 years until life started accelerating.

I played this game with many close friends and made friends along the way and I'll always have those memories to look back on and smile. The tireless nights turned into mornings playing endless rounds of capture the flag or infiltration were some of my most cherished memories.

A member of the <3 clan, mainly known for Infiltration but we were pretty good players all around. I try to play from time to time but damn, Im really lost a feeling for this game. However Im glad to see that its still alive!

I was part of <3 clan for a time! I miss the days when Infiltration pubs were always populated, playing classic maps like Warehouse, Fortress, Rise, Moonshine, Outpost, and others. My favorite days playing soldat were 05-07 on those inf maps.
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