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Re: ZitroFUN 2.2 - Registration + Stats + Rank
« Reply #20 on: May 27, 2020, 04:19:08 pm »
Noticed a couple issues so far.

The main one being resetallstats. The necessary fields are not being kept, such as the password, HWID, etc. See below. As a result of this, the accounts become unusable. Note how the pointsforstart doesn't have a space. Also I'm not sure how the whole multiaccount thing works. I have  Ratman123 and Ratman1234 under one account and yet it shows I have a separate account just for Ratman123? Do you have discord, I can explain a few more issues I've noted.

Code: [Select]
ratman1234 nil 0 false nil nil 43977.915502106480 43977.915502106480 Ratman123 nil 7 true nil nil 43977.915390740738 43975.926551990742
Ratman123 nil 1 true nil nil 43977.915720092591 43977.915720092591

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Re: ZitroFUN 2.2 - Registration + Stats + Rank
« Reply #21 on: June 30, 2020, 12:16:18 pm »
Update: ZitroStats 2_2.30062020.130:
- Fix: Bug sometimes blocking backup operation after changing its frequency to more frequent.
- Fix: Error introduced in a recent update, causing an error with backup save.
- Change: Backup data save format to "Autobackup - - hh;nn"
- Fix: ResetAllPlayersStats.
- Add: 2 new cells. With 25 data records per cell. One cell can be restart using comand /ResetAllPlayersStats. Two cell dont can be restart by command /ResetAllPlayersStats.
- Fix: RankSystem after updating adding old nicknames.
- Change: DB structure. Combined 2 memory cell. Move points stats to all stats cells.
- Fix: Bug /generatenewpassword had no effect
- Fix: Bug /deleteaccount
- Fix: Bug Newly registered players not visible in the search list for some time after registration.
- Remove: Function delete backup.
- Fix: Script crash if player flagscore when 1v1 match
- Sealed: System for awarding points at the flag cap Sometimes the system could lose very small points
- Change: Were made in the shot detection system, backup and timers.
- Fix: Modify first line on display top where the maximum number of people in the ranking was lower by 1.
- Change: Formua PlayerRating to (((Accuracy * KD * WinRatio * Multiplier) / 3.14) * Points') / 2 .
- Fix: Bug when qualifying for the ranking, the entire list of events collected so far begins to display, blocking the display of current events.
- Set: The privacy function now saves every data every time you log in and more. Not just opposing data.
- Set: Display info of add mail is default false.
- Change: Generate mailing list format now is "Name"      "Mail"
- Change: Generate mailing list now display file location with generated data.
- Fix: Problem when deleteaccount don`t show in the final message whose account has been deleted.
- Add: New players not logged in will be transferred to the observer position due to frequent failure to provide information about the need to login.

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