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Update: ZitroFUN-Latest 2_3.16092020.5:
- Changing the database system. Now the changes do not require operations, it just replaces the text with the new one in ram memory.
- Adding information when player dont have account and try see self stats.
- Adding db updater.
- Added protection to free memory when lists are reloaded.
- Small amendment not significant change in function formulaelo. (Removed the ability to trigger events that were not used anyway.)
- /check command now good find players names consisting of several words.
- Fixed broken search list when admin delete player account.

Here, the data storage system has been changed, so now the script does not perform any additional actions, so changing the data is just a change in memory, so almost 0 load. Additionally, the database has decreased in size.

I updated the first post with the commands list and description.

How to conver last version to new? Only change script and run script.
How to conver heavy version to new?
1. Merge old nickreg folder and new.
2. Add file dbver.ver in nickreg folder.
3. Add text "heavy" in file dbver.ver don't forget to add a blank line.
4. Now start server. It will delete old player files and create accounts.db.

Yes, the package contains 3 scripts:
autorec - will automatically recompile the script in event of a crash.
AutoScoreFix - When you play Survival there are sometimes team score errors, this script will fix them. Do not change the name in a lower alphabetical hierarchy than zitrostats. It must be loaded before the statistics script. Can remove if dont use on surviav mode.
ZitroStats 2_3.16092020.5 - The script responsible for the ranking statistics and other accounts.

If you care about the accuracy of hitting a given body part or headshoot, remember that each weapon must have different values Hitbox Modifier.
Example: (The difference can be as subtle as 0.01)
[Desert Eagles]
For example, a barret has these values:
[Barret M82A1]
Set it to example: (It won't make a difference to the gameplay)
[Barret M82A1]

The full list of supported statistics that you can use can be found in the list under the name ReadPlayer in the scenario. Not all of them, but a very large number of them, are implemented.
You will probably find such names "Cells0" these are the parts that you can use for your stats, they won't be lost after restarting the stats and CellsRes these will be lost.

Map statistics will never be added here, a separate scenario for this will be written and it will probably only include the ranking of the most active maps.

This is the end of my grinding of this script. I don't see errors here anymore. The script neither crashes nor sheds errors, and no one reports any problems. I will only fix the problems reported to me on pw or discord.
This update does not require a statistics restart.

Download: Attachment! Click here (2_3.16092020.5) to download the latest version.
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