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TrenchWar (TW) is reborn!

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Top server right now. Did you expect? :D

Yes and I'm lovin it. ;) It's the best server to relax just few minutes after long day. I think it's cuz ctf public servers are boring. I'm kinda sick of OneShot servers. TW is something "new" and it's getting more life every day. I saw this server full couple of times. :)

Ygrek Starmagedon:
Yeah and scripts are being updated nearly every day, so we can have more fun :)

How did you end up removing the bots?


--- Quote from: Furai on January 24, 2018, 11:08:21 am ---How did you end up removing the bots?

--- End quote ---
Found my old script with a different ELO formula.


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