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Open Source Soldat's homepage
« on: January 31, 2018, 10:44:45 am »
Related to this situation:
PW there is very old; you can find newer PW here:

I suggest to open source Soldat's homepage in order to avoid such situations in future. People could contribute such small updates and website would automatically be updated as changes are merged to master branch. GitHub would do well IMO. Then just a simple DNS that would map to

We are used to that updates on homepage are done really slowly. Maybe we could finally improve it.
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Re: Open Source Soldat's homepage
« Reply #1 on: January 31, 2018, 11:07:30 am »
True. Even IF Soldat will be Open Sourced, This forum should be still central hub for all repos.

There should be separated part of forum for it with clear and simple to get/understand informations regarding every version, and Im guessing that it will not be much, maybe 5-7 version started by people who just want to dig in it a bit, and then after some time it will end in max 3 versions, because after all its not some simple code and not everyone will manage to deal with it alone, and like with most of OS projects people will just merge and move to other repos made by more people.

Also there should be informations and sections regarding graphic and sound, because sooner or later compatibility will break and it will be better to have that separated section for sound/graphic modes for OS.

It would be also good to prepare some simple documentation about file/folder structure and tools that people could use, nothing fancy, plain info that can be later updated.

And there is suggestion for all devs that had chance to work with Soldat: If you would find even 5-10min to prepare topic where you could post informations, suggestions and ideas regarding code that could help and speed up work for others. Again, nothing big, anything that could help IF it will get open source.

OS soldat will not get any instant changes, with any project like that, it need time to evolve, so this is a matter of even months before we will see any results from opening it. But that delay should bring good things, so its not like now when we wait god knows for what.
In that time forum and people behind Soldat should focus on helping and preparing forum for new versions, so after opening it, there will be time to create all documentations and help.

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Re: Open Source Soldat's homepage
« Reply #2 on: February 01, 2018, 02:41:32 am »
I agree with converting it to a static site hosted on github, and it is something I am planning on doing.

I actually currently maintain a static site on github, as part of an open source project I work on at my day job. is powered by for Granted that example is a single html page with resources, rather than something intricate, I get the process.

The new http api for the soldat lobby makes this even easier, as the current lobby browser just hits the api endpoint, so it would nicely work well in a static site.

What I want to do is convert the existing layout/etc to a static site generator, do a one time grok the DB for all the news posts and dump them to disk, and then put all of it up on github where the community can go PR-happy and we can go from there in terms of redesigning the layout/etc while preserving the essential content. As a part of that, will remain hosted on THDs servers (and maintained by us for official releases), but the links to those files and others would be on GH.
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