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Devlog update (2018-04-07) Picking up pace


Past month has been quiet, Shoozza was busy with IRL business and has only just became active again. Activity is picking up though, and progress is being made on some features critical to v1.7.2/Steam release - separating default Soldat files from custom content and player's personal data.

Demos, screenshots and player profiles have already been given their own personal space, and the same is planned for maps, mods, bots, custom interfaces, you name it. :)

Some community members have also been helping out here and there, even showing revived interest in continuing to remake old maps. While this hasn't gone beyond "showing interest" stage - it's a nice change of pace having some optimism in the air. Let's keep it going. ;)


If you have any development-related questions - ask them in the comments, and I'll try to answer them in the next dev log.

Yes, we can! Let's go.



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