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Knife-Only CTF Cup

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Knife-Only CTF Cup
April 15th/18:00 GMT0 (Click for countdown)
- Bragging rights.
- Fancy colorful chat text for event winners on Drummer's Knife Only Server.
- Event Champion role in Discord.

- Where to be: #events @ Soldat Discord 15 minutes before the event is set to start.
- All matches will be organized by the event admins on the day of the event. Be patient and be cooperative.
- Sign-ups will be closed an hour before event starts, and teams will be set.
- The event will take about 2-31/2 hours - make sure you have enough time.
- Contact Drummer (Discord: @414#5143) or Nosejj (Discord: @nosejj#3526) with any questions or concerns.


--- Code: ---- [u]Name[/u]: Drummer
- [u]Contact[/u]: @414#5143 (Discord)
--- End code ---

- Gamemode: Normal 2v2 CTF (Drummer's Knife Only server settings).

- Sign ups:limited to 16 (+8 substitutes).

- Format: Single-elimination (knock out), one day cup.

- Teams will be decided at the beginning of the event. Each team has the right to have one substitute.

- Single Elimination at its finest: Losing teams are knocked out of the cup. Winning teams proceed.

- Match Format:
All matches will be played in a best-of-3 format on automated server script system.
Subs are allowed only if a player disconnects/leaves and if the event admins confirm/agree to the circumstances under which the substitute was called.

- Tie Breakers:
A map cannot end in a tie. A tied map result will be broken via immediate sudden death on the same map. The first capture during sudden death wins the map.

A tie after two maps (game score 1-1) will by broken by a third, randomly chosen, map that has not yet been played.

- Maps:
Aftermath, Amnesia, Ash, Cobra, Division, Dropdown, Guardian, Hormone, Kampf, Laos, Nuubia, Rotten, Snakebite, Steel, Wretch, Blade, IceBeam, Spark.

The above rules are dependent on the event turnout. If insufficient players are available, event will be postponed.

Name: SpR!Te
Contact: @SpR!Te (Savitar)#6280 (Discord)

Name: SETEvoy
Contact: @SETEvoy#4830


--- Quote from: SETEvoy on April 13, 2018, 01:10:12 pm ---Name: SETEvoy
Contact: @SETEvoy#4830

--- End quote ---
Make sure to also join Discord - Here.

Name: Wro0m ~
Contact: Wro0m#5611

Name: Pinio


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