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Hold The Flag Frenzy!



Hold The Flag Frenzy!
April 22nd/18:00 GMT0

* Bragging rights.
* Event Champion role in Discord.

* Where to be: #events @ Soldat Discord 15 minutes before the event is set to start.
* All matches will be organized by the event admins on the day of the event. Be patient and be cooperative.
* The event will take about 2-21/2 hours, make sure you have enough time.


--- Code: ---* [u]Name[/u]: nosejj
* [u]Contact[/u]: @nosejj#3526 (Discord)
--- End code ---

* Gamemode: Hold The Flag
* Time limit: 10 minutes / Finals: 15 minutes
* Point limit: 80 / Finals: 100
* HTF Points Time: 5

* Cup type: Single elimination knock-out cup (you lose, you're out)
* Players limit: 24
* Teams: 2v2
* Winner: Best 2 out of 3 (Finals: Best 4 out of 5)

* Tiebreaker (if needed):
- 1st round - htf_Niall
- 2nd round htf_Arch
- 3rd round - htf_Mossy
- Finals - htf_Boxed

* Each team will be made of 3 players and a designed captain. Each player has to play atleast one map per match.

* Teams, captains and matches will be randomized at the day of event.

* If there is not enough signed players (more than 16 and less than 24) teams will be made of 2 players. This will guarantee the same amount of matches.

* At least one player from each team has to record demo, we want to clip some best plays for advertising purpouses.

* Maps:
Arch, Baire, Boxed, Desert, Dorothy, Dusk, Erbium, Feast, Mossy, Muygen, Niall, Nuclear, Prison, Rubik, Star, Tower, Void, Vortex, Zajacz

The above rules are dependent on the event turnout. If insufficient players are available, some rules may be altered.

*Contact: SpR!Te (Savitar)#6280 @Discord

Event is cancelled. Not enough signups.


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