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With how awful some members of this small community treat their content creators, it is no wonder only a select few still bother making / remaking maps. Been there, done that. Nothing changed and I had moved on. The discussion prompted here is none other than that I left years ago, and the combatants fighting over who's right and who's wrong show not the slightest hint of a change. Talk about steep roads to tread I guess. But you're in for a treat. I decided to put in some quality time this weekend and do something creative. That is, make a map. Probably a remake, mind you. Incitement as to what map to see to are welcome, as are suggestions what theme would suit. Maybe I won't finish it in a couple day's work since I haven't touched PW for years to count, but surer than not I'll have something to present soon(ish).

So shoot, fellow Soldateer! Let's have a discussion and fire it up a little. ;)

Work Hard, Be Nice

Although some may say: Work hard, earn little... Which might be more correct at times, with the community.
Keep being awesome anyway and don't care for anyone's negativity! :)

If people say its playable ill gladly upload it to zabijaka servers, just make sure its ctf mode capable

@Akinaro: None of that has anything to do with the topic. Keep the whining and derailing to other threads. I'm asking for input on what needs a remake the baddest.


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