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Devlog update (2018-06-10) Back in business


Hey guys,

We have returned after a year's break and we are still in the process of determining the roadmap and checking the source code so no big news for now.

Our main goal is to finish 1.8 version and release it on steam, this is the best option to revive soldat in our opinion. Open source is still on the table and it is something we plan to address after the next version is released.

Development of the game should be transparent and community-driven. Recently we have opened #development_team and #creative_team channels on the discord server where everyone can participate in the discussions. There is also CommitBot which sends messages about changes in the repository so that you can easily track the pace of development.

Our next step is to publish daily automated builds of alpha 1.8 so that everyone can test the changes on an ongoing basis. This should significantly improve the development process.

There will also be a new place to report bugs and suggestions. More info coming soon.

See you next week!

Yes, sir!


We really count on you and your team. It is the best way finish 1.8 and after that release it on Steam. Best of luck

And when will you start to fix reported errors?

For those who still are not on Discord, there are already a few game commits done. Stay tuned at helloer's mentioned channels to track them all down!


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