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Devlog update (2018-06-19) New visuals in the making, new WM & more

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Hello everyone,

we have got a few news regarding the upcoming release of Soldat 1.8 (read more).

I'm happy to announce that Monsteri will join our team as an artist. He will continue working on the new art direction for Soldat 1.8.

Map changes:
We are going to remake Soldat's maps for the purpose of making the game more appealing for new players.
As Soldat currently has 97(!) default maps, we'will also 'drastically' reduce the official map pool for all gamemodes.

This will A) reduce the time it will take to redo the maps,
B) make it easier for us to keep maps up to date on a later date
and C) improve the user experience for new players (Quality > Quantity).


Interface changes:
We will remove Soldat's default custom-interfaces and replace them with modern HD interfaces.
*Leave a message if you believe that your interface should be added to Soldat! ...
You may also browse the 'Modded Interfaces' board for potential inspirations.

Weapons mod changes:
There will be a new weapons mod for Soldat 1.8 to improve balancing. The changes were already tested on #Soldat Gather for several weeks.
There were 10 revisions made during our tests. I will post the full WM changelog with further details next week.

I'm summing up the most important changes below:

Desert Eagles:

- Lower damage
- Removed movement acc. (= more precise aim while moving)

- Lower damage

- Lower damage
- Less SelfBink
- Faster BulletSpeed
Steyr AUG:

- Lower damage
- Ammo: +5 (=30)
- ReloadTime: +25 Ticks (+0.41 seconds seconds per clip)

- Lower damage

- Slower FireInterval (0.65 seconds -> 0.85 seconds per bullet)
- Slightly less movement acc. (= more precise aim while moving)

- No changes
Barrett M82A1:

- Faster FireInterval (3.75 seconds -> 3.5 seconds per bullet)
- Ammo: -4 (=6)
- ReloadTime: +180 ticks (1.2 seconds -> 4 seconds per clip)
FN Minimi:

- Lower damage
- ReloadTime: -10 ticks (0.16 seconds less per clip)
XM214 Minigun:

- Lower damage
- Slower FireInterval (3 -> 6)
- Ammo: -20 (=80)
- ReloadTime: -80 ticks (8 seconds -> 6.66 seconds per clip)
- Reduced BulletSpeed
- Removed StartupTime (25 -> 0)
- Added Bink
- Less movement acc.
- Added recoil for a more realistic heavy machine gun behavior

PS: If someone is interested in updating the weapons mod for Realistic Mode: Send a PM.

Bot changes:
evh0 is currently remaking the bot appearances! We'll update the bot files once he finished.

Jorge "Poncho" Ramirez

(see more previews here)

On a sidenote:
You can get in touch with our devs on Discord (#development_team & #creative_team) and stay up to date with the latest progress.
Changes to Soldat's reposority will be published in the #commits channel.

Further news will be announced in time. [Bravoguy]...

Great job guys, keep it up :)

As long as we can see some progress like this, there is no need to rush a steam release. Any news on maintaining server stability (against DDOS attacks) or anticheat?

This is freaking awesome!!! Thank you Monsteri!! It all amazing, cant wait to play on it!


--- Quote from: darDar on June 19, 2018, 03:51:35 pm ---PS: If someone is interested in updating the weapons mod for Realistic Mode: Send a PM.

--- End quote ---
Could you please leave realistic wm alone? It's fine right now and many realistic players will agree.


--- Quote from: Ratman on June 19, 2018, 04:04:38 pm ---Any news on maintaining server stability (against DDOS attacks) or anticheat?
--- End quote ---

So far we are using some beta server releases for the main populated servers. As far as I can see, this problem is partially solved and if some problems happen, we(server admins) react to it pretty much fast.

As for 1.8 version, this should be commented by devs, but I can assure you that we might get closer to the point we won't face this kind of event in 1.8.

Any info about anticheat is still open to discuss.


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