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Server name PolAng.

Hi everyone just had small talk at my first server with players playing at it and players have advised me to ask at forum what server players will enjoy the most.?

Hope I did write question in wright place worst case sorry, and can mods move it where it belongs.

Hope to get positive respond thank you all and see you at Soldat :P

Can someone do simple questionnaire so instead of spam we can vote.

If there will be no interest is subject please close it and the case will drop.


I like the plain CTF servers of around 10 players the best, primarily Zabijaka #1 & #2 fit that the most. A simple balance script is a nice to have but not needed to have fun imo.

What Denacke said, only I prefer max. 8 players. 10 and above is mostly chaos and often more luck than skill and tactic.

Ygrek Starmagedon:
If max 8 players... then there is already CTF Armageddon and this topic is useless, maybe first check lobby XD and making new servers is useless cause there's no players to play on them. :(
BTW. I think that anti-camp and anti-spawnkilling scripts (I saw them once working...) are useless on zabijaka... and why even minigun is disabled?

Ygrek Starmagedon:
Server's player limit is supossed to be 8... you read those post or are you making up something in your brain??
Besides, there is like more than 50 players playing everyday (probably less).


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