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Some time ago I started developing a tool for soldat with some basic "anti cheat" functionality it was supposed to be linked with sctfl as a semi auto match report etc but that didn't work out for various reasons so I removed all that now. Anyway I already implemented some extra functionality like:

* Editing taunts
* Skin Colour Changer
* Demo player.It should work and maybe some will find it useful. It's in a pretty primitive state, I might consider improving it in the future. Please expect bugs as it was never "officially" finished.

Written in C#

Download: Here or use the download from attached file to skip installation and future auto-updates.


Good job, guy!

Great to see people are still making 3rd party apps for Soldat.

Please help us fight link-rot long-term and attach the download to your post in this topic, in case your original link stops working at some point.

What does this actually do ?


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