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Devlog update (2018-12-21) Release date postponed

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Unfortunately, the planned steam release at the end of the year will not take place. We are lagging behind due to the slow pace of work.

A new, specific release date will be announced at the beginning of February. We apologize to all those who have been waiting, we are almost at the finish line but we need some time to complete the whole thing.

We still have to finish:
- New GUI (backend is almost complete and frontend is in the works) and its integration with the game. Soon we will show you how it will look like.
- Steam integration (should be completed by the end of the year)
- Release infrastructure
- Alpha/Beta tests
and a few other minor things.

# Changes in the team

Due to the long inactivity, darDar has been removed from the Creative Team lead position and we are currently looking for his replacement.

# Maps Revamp put on hold

We have decided to put on hold Monsteri's maps revamp project due to lack of funds required for its completion, we would hopefully like to return to it after the new version release.

# Commits log

--- Code: ---82c58f49        helloer Fixed a bug in LobbyClient unit
67117289        helloer Fixed some minor bugs
5d108750        helloer Removed (WM) prefix when using custom wm from the server name
2bfcec81        helloer Added support for the new lobby protocol in the server
d9e85b88        helloer Implemented file download in the client and added support for server mods
7d63ab9d        helloer Implemented syncable cvars
00db70b8        helloer Changed input system to use enums instead of strings for actions
15fd10ea        helloer Renamed sprite control fields to more useful names
8727cf87        helloer Removed legacy code
c5c10f86        helloer Moved server lists from the root to the configs directory
932e1116        helloer Refactored logging system
386d8dfc        urraka  Fixed dithering messing up alpha values
c0b35fae        helloer Removed REFRESH command from rcon
9d3c1a16        helloer Added build info and updated startup message for the server
712f95a4        helloer Added loading custom interface archives on startup
3e1044aa        helloer Fixed warnings and hints
a0528a7c        helloer Added packet flushing at the end of the game loop
67330778        helloer Added /net_stats command
74105c39        helloer Added /banlist command
3fc16abc        helloer Removed RenderLoadingScreen
65fab3c7        helloer Added ui_hidespectators cvar
d0893bd8        helloer Added cl_player_wep cvar
2f518cf5        Savage  Fixed /pkill command not killing players
0e0c1a65        Savage  Added "-1" switch in GrenadeFrequency for Bots to completely disable grenade throw
d3bbd680        Savage  SC3: Increased range for GrenadeFrequency property from Byte to Integer
910e2bba        helloer Fixed bots not throwing nades
8fb78bb1        helloer Fixed server crash when playing against bots
1c6d1e74        helloer Fixed wrong index in ExplosionHit procedure
ae3bd960        helloer Added cl_screenshake cvar
851e32f0        helloer Added common targets to command system
8e270ae3        helloer Added NoCollision WM attribute which disables collision check for bullets
ae819d0f        helloer Fixed the minimize shortcut
7d5d08c8        helloer Fixed server not changing the map after winning
2eb9d3ce        helloer Refactored votemap system to query the server for mapslist
2f5e2224        helloer Updated sdl2 headers
5ba29bb7        urraka  Updated stb library

--- End code ---

# We wish you a Merry Christmas and a wonderful new year!

Thanks for the update! :)

Ygrek Starmagedon:

--- Quote ---# Changes in the team

Due to the long inactivity, darDar has been removed from the Creative Team lead position and we are currently looking for his replacement.
--- End quote ---

Best change XD

I wish you to have time and enthusiasm to finish the update as soon as possible :D

Yes, we can!

I just logged in after 3 years to post this  :|

--- Quote ---- Alpha/Beta tests
--- End quote ---
Thais is funny [retard]


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