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We'd like to get suggestions from you about Steam Achievements. There will certainly be achievements for the number of won matches and caps(per game mode), kills per weapon with several levels of difficulty (e.g M79 Expert for 1000/10000/100000 kills). Statistics for achievements will be tracked only on trusted game servers to prevent cheating. Keep in mind that not all things can be easily tracked. The best achievements are those that reward teamwork.

If you have any suggestions, please submit them in the following format:
Achievement Name:

Achievement Name: "One shot - two kills" temporary name
Description: Kill two opponents in realistic mode with one Ruger bullet.

You could probably think of creating such achievement also for Barrett but this will not be very difficult to achieve as is for Ruger.

Btw. maybe you could implement a rule that would not grant achievement if opponents were on spawn location.

Ygrek Starmagedon:
Achievement Name: "Eagle's eye"
Description: Kill opponent in realistic mode with one Deagles headshot.

Achievement Name: "Team work makes dream work"
Description: Pass flag 20 times (or more) to your teammate + that teammate needs to cap. (otherwise it doesn't count towards achievement)

Objective based stuff: Flags captured in CTF etc. I think that's more important than just kills.



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