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[V1.3 attached below] Special thanks to [The Ghost] from Midgard CTF for helping make some changes :)

It's been a while, SoldatForums.  But my love for Soldat has recently been rekindled, and with it, my mapmaking desires  :P

This might be a colossal failure of a map, but hey, you never know until you try right?  The quirk here is that there's a central spawning chamber, protected by Bullets-don't-collide poly's.  The idea is that (hopefully) with so many slots that someone could spawn in, and the fact that you can venture out either end, spawn-killing will be minimized.  There are explosive poly's guarding the entrances to the spawns, which make it difficult (but not impossible) to cut through the spawning area to the other side.  The idea was to make it not really worth it to choose that route, but to instead utilize the lower and upper path.  Since you can still make it through, it could make for a nice "all or nothing" attempt to catch an enemy flagger (The flagger cannot pass through the spawn area).

I'm assuming this will be geared more toward 4v4/5v5 games, since it's on the large side, but it might be fun 3v3 as well.

Hit me up on the Soldat Discord channel if you have a server and wanna test it out!  (p0ppin fresh  #2822)

Updated version attached in Original Post!  V1.3

Looks old school -> looks good.

Nice layout. Great to see you are still creating. :)


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