Author Topic: [WIP][sfx/weaponstat]Insurgency(2014) For Soldat Mod  (Read 7636 times)

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[WIP][sfx/weaponstat]Insurgency(2014) For Soldat Mod
« on: May 19, 2019, 06:24:00 pm »

first time mod for my childhood memory
still WIP tho.
project aim:
-replace all sound effect(if can) with Insurgency(2014) by New World Interactive,a hardcore tactical teamplay game
-make all weapon stat close the real weapon
-maybe gfx also replace too?

if you want feedback,let me know

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Re: [WIP][sfx/weaponstat]Insurgency(2014) For Soldat Mod
« Reply #1 on: May 21, 2019, 04:08:09 am »
wip 2 version,i hate Gostek

-replace near all weapon with custom sfx and gfx
-replace mostly sound in the game now
-replace some weapon with custom weapon
-USSCOM now replace with M1911,less ammo and heavy tirgger ,but with not bad bullet speed
-Desert Eagles now replace with  Akimbo MODEL 10,a double action revolver with high dmg high bullet speed,but slow reload and heavy tirgger
-HK MP5 now replace with MP5K,short version of MP5,with high rate of fire,
-Ak-74 still AK74,but now more suitable with long range or mid range due to 7.62mm ammo
-Steyr AUG replace with Mk 18 Mod 0(CQBR),suitable with CQB(Close Quarters Battle),better rate of fire and bullet speed
-Spas-12 replace with M590,a pump shotgun,with high damage and large spread
-Ruger 77 replace with Karabiner 98k,a bolt-action rifle made by german beer,with high damge and bullet speed,but slow reload speed and low rate of fire
-M79 replace with GP-25 HE,a underbarrel(but we hold it on hand for now)GL,using on many AK family
-Barret M82A1 replace with M40A1,a bolt-action sniper riflehigh damage with high bullet speed,and attach suppressor,but slow reload speed
-FN Minimi replace with M249,similar FN Minimi,very good Suppress firepower
-LAW replace with AT4,a anti-tank RL
-ALL weapon now deal dmg to head was *3.25 now,to Chest was 0.85,leg was 0.25

gameplay with bot