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Problem with youtube


Hi. I got a problem with youtube. I have already ask about this on google forums, yahoo answers, and Komputer Świat forums(computers&etc forum website) and I have not received any answers so far. That's why I am posting here hoping that I will receive help from you guys.

The problem is that I can't click on youtube videos with my left click, if I do nothing happens. When I try to open a video in a new tab it works but video does not load. I try to watch videos on cda.pl and they work, so my internet is fine. It must be something from youtube because the icons (as shown on the picture) are for some reason black. I can even post things on youtube with my account so what is going on here?

nvm I solved the problem, I have reinstall chrome and restart computer and it works :)

Chrome has some weird-ass problems with some sites. If I wanna download a receipt from German phone company O2 I have to open the page in Firefox since it wouldn't in Chrome. :| But for all other purposes it's great so whatever I guess? *shrug*


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