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MM's Pay-what-you-want (?)


Hey forumers,

Way back in 2012-2013 when MM was developing Link-Dead, he had a service that, upon completion and any amount paid, delivered Link-Dead to the person's E-mail.

Does anyone know what types of services do that sort of thing? or perhaps he had someone code it for him?

The question comes because I am interested in selling a product with the same pay-whatever-amount type service in mind. PayPal doesn't deliver digital products AFAIK.



I've attached a sample...

I don't know exactly how it was done for link dead but for other games we had in place - there was a script on our side called by paypal callback upon payment, which in turn was sending the goods to the customer's email address.

It would require a little JavaScript, but I catch your drift. I was looking into the PayPal solution and got so far as to set up the basic sandboxing. Instead of popping up an alert, it could redirect output as you said: to their E-mail address.


In testing I didn't get far, though alas I am unfamiliar with JavaScript and the PayPal payment callback setup.

Though I gathered that you did the sending of the goods from your end and not the web page's/client's.

Edit 2

As it turns out I don't really have the JavaScript knowledge for this task. Are there any safe/reliable resources that gives a tutorial or some quick intro guide to get started? TBH I'm not really keen ATM to learning it full-on, yet.

It was done on a server in PHP.

Pretty sure Gumroad lets you set up a digital store and do this. You can also set a minimum.



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