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Soldat is now available on Steam!

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Dear Soldaters,

The moment many of us have been so patiently waiting for has finally arrived. We're happy to announce that Soldat has just been published on Steam!
The version on Steam is an improved version of Soldat 1.7.1. A full change-log will follow on the steam page once bugfixes are done.

On top of that, the source for Soldat 1.8 will go open-source in the next week.

We would like take this as an opportunity to thank the developers team who invested so many hours into improving this game that we all hold so dearly.

Enjoy and spread the word!


What. The. Actuallalalalalaly. Fuck.
Omg. You did it.... Fucking Congrats! And thanks for sticking with it! [fist]

Around May 2002 - first beta --> 18 years later - Soldat on Steam
I guess we can thank Corona for that (yea, I know bad joke)...

--- Quote from: helloer on March 31, 2020, 05:13:03 pm ---On top of that, the source for Soldat 1.8 will go open-source in the next week.
--- End quote ---
what is happening

Great job guys! This is definitely a very exciting moment in Soldat's history. Glad to see this finally come to be.

Nice! First time in a very long time I'm seeing most servers in the lobby full (at 190 players total)

Very nice! I can't believe it finally happens. This is my childhood game and so many memories. It is s good to see Soldat is on Steam so many more players can enjoy it.
I wonder if the devs still intend to do the Mac version for Soldat tho?


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